HENAN PAPU Introduction

HENAN PAPU currently cover baby stroller manufacturers and outdoor furniture manufacturers.

Professional and perfect PAPU customer service system is our characteristic. HENAN PAPU will give full play to our industry consortium advantages to provide you with PAPU-related product selection, team-buy assistance, packaging design, customized products and other diversified services, as you think.



HENAN PAPU is an industrial consortium which integrates product design, research and development, production organization, customer service and technical support.


Pre-sales Service:

Selection Scheme, Support Mainstream Container Type

Mixed Purchasing/Centralized Purchasing, Whole-process Service


Market-oriented Packaging, Frontier Design, Professional Team

Sample Customization/Shared Customization/Exclusive Customization

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Sales Service:

HENAN PAPU is one of the most important "PAPU" service providers in China. Our product selection and team-buy assistant function can help you deal with problems in product procurement. Moreover, our internal professional team will manage all aspects of the design and packaging of your exclusive products, so you can customize the finished products according to your requirements. This will enable you to focus on sales, distribution and building your brand. We offer a variety of packaging options for your exclusive brand, including hanging tags, spray tags, brands, marks, labels, Packaging boxes, custom labels, etc.